In conformity with the provisions of 27 April 2001  Environmental Protection Act and the 10 October 2013 Regulation of the Minister of Economy, the Company BOLESŁAW RECYCLING has been ranked among the High Risk Plants  (HRP) which means a risk of serious system failure because of the quantity and type of  HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES which are present on its premises.

     As far as the Company BOLESŁAW RECYCLING is concerned, the qualifying factor for this group is  ZINC –BEARING WASTES (incl. hazardous materials) subject to recovery in the system. For the wastes concerned,  compiled are the so-called ‘information sheets’ which include detailed data on the physical and chemical, fire and toxic characteristics of the hazardous substances.

      Another hazardous substances related to the Company’s activities are NATURAL GAS as well as the plant products: ZINC AND LEAD CONCENTRATE .  

     For all the substances said, the Company has compiled appropriate safety data sheets.

     Satisfying the requirements in line with the a/m regulatory basis, the Company has drawn up and handed over to the competent authorities:

     As a result of detailed analysis of hazards to the Company’s systems and infrastructure , performed in conformity with the Report on Safety (RoS),there  have been compiled both potential and representative failure scenarios.

     The performed risk analysis confirms  that failure effects are unlikely to affect areas outside the premises of the industrial complex

     In case of failure, the appropriate warning will appear immediately on the Company’s website in the tab ANNOUNCEMENTS. In addition, this information shall be notified to the competent authorities, incl. the Mayor of Bukowno in line with the valid procedures.

     Detailed information  on this issue is available  from the Manager of the Division of Environmental Protection/ Attorney for Integrated Management Systems (AIMS).


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